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In Gold We Trust -



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The Dutch fashion brand “In Gold We Trust”, founded by two brothers in 2012, had a long desire of publishing an exclusive coffee  table book. A book where their story would be told in a creative way. In a way that people could relate and understand the journey that they underwent to be an established fashion brand.


The underlying tone of telling the story was to close the first part of their life and the journey of the brand. To make room for the next chapter. A new vision from the brand that retains nostalgia, but is future-oriented.



The story line was first written in collaboration with photographer Ali Mousavi. At that point, they looked at the moments that had the most impact in their lives. It was very important to level with each other at a creative level so that the images would be as authentic as possible. The publication highlights key events and choices that led to the inception and growth of the In Gold We Trust brand. From the baseball fields and skate parks where they spent their childhood to raw images of Amsterdam’s street scene, the visual diary is an intimate representation of the brand’s humble beginnings.


Setting up the whole book took a year and a half where blood, sweat and tears came to play. The book offers a unique insight into a defining moment in fashion culture. The design provides a base color for stacking and storing your first book, as well as a legitimate conversation piece.


The book is a celebration of the places and associated subcultures that have been a constant source of inspiration for the brand’s clothing designs and core values.


Concept & production: LAIKA AGENCY

Creative Direction: Eric Franzel

Photography: Ali Mousavi

Copyrighter: Nelleke van Lomwel

Proofreader: Begom de Vries

Design: Maxime van Strijland

Printed by: Wilco | Printing & Binding

Publisher: PNDKS