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Nienke Plas -



Double chin planetary visitors



20 feet below the upper chin



One of the most notorious females in the Dutch  industry. Nienke Plas. That is her name. There is no denying that everyone has his own specific image of Nienke in his or her head. Comedian, bathrobe seller, influencer, vlogger whatever the F you wanna call it. She does it all.


But how do you break down an image of a powerhouse like Nienke Plas. How do you translate such a strong person. It’s like asking a regular person to defuse a bomb, or to break in a bank with just a pen. Well that’s exactly what we did.



We had to choose between the red or the green wire. It was a tough decision to be honest with you guys. First we started with the blue prints. What is Nienke Plas made of. Mostly water  we found out. But we dug deeper….

much deeper and we found the funny bone. The source of her humor and we took a sample of that.


We sent it to Harvard for further investigation and when we got the analysis we immediately knew where to begin. Her humor is rooted deep in her body. So deep that it took over all control. That piece of control is what we were looking for.


Nienke plas is a people person. She is made to make humanity realise that humor is the essence of life. In Dutch,  we say “een dag niet gelachen is een dag niet geleefd” translating this would make no sense but it made a lot of sense at the moment.


Her visual identity had to be a translation of her character. And this is not just a regular character we’re talking about. We’re talking about Nienke Plas. If you grab a box of cookies she will have something to say about that. We really had to make this translation as thin as ice could get.


Her rebranding was an important portrayal of how she was going further as a brand and as a person. Thank god we were there to help this poor woman. God knows what would have become of her without Laika.


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