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AVW, 2020


Amsterdam Vintage Watches -



First, watch dealers on the moon



1000 feet under water  - Submariner



The most notorious watch dealers in the planet from the greatest city are well known for their outspoken comments and the way that they do business. How they transformed the image of the “normal” watch dealer to the new kids on the block is a story on its own.


After a new generation took over, AVW underwent a complete renewal and is now one of the leading boutiques in vintage luxury watches: a worldwide favourite among collectors and connoisseurs alike that enjoy vintage and contemporary timepieces from the exclusive brands: Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet and Cartier



Our mission was to draw their attention. We had similar interests but we knew there was more to it. We tricked them in to a photoshoot where the original idea was to re-shoot Rolex ambassador photo’s but then with the 3 gents. But the real idea behind this all was that we wanted to make a Rap-Tee for them where we had the old XXL cover  with 2pac, Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight as our inspiration.


During the shoot, we told them we needed a couple of extra shots where we guided them in exactly how to stand and pose. After the shoot, we edited the pictures of them exactly like the original XXL cover  with the exact same font and we kept this for ourselves.


On the day that we went to visit the store to hand a framed group picture  of them we surprised the gents with this extra present. We handed them each one of the t-shirts  with their own faces on it. They couldn’t stop laughing. They posted it on their socials when their DM inboxes blew up with people asking if they could buy this t-shirt.


We released a limited stock of 250 items that sold out within 2 minutes on their website. The amount of traffic was so significant that the website crashed. We call this a successful mission.

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